Night miracle

Once, Nikita returned from fishing "with an empty net", the case went to the sunset. But on the way to the House with a small son met a fisherman in a boat that had just started their own business. Rybak said that until he haven't, but after an hour certainly will. They agreed to meet with Nikita in 15 minutes paddling from home after an hour and a half.

The Sun village, and as usual in tropical latitudes, for an hour it got dark really. Decided that come together on a single Kayak. I sat in the luggage compartment, and on two oars, our lightweight Ark silently raced on black crystal water. We knew here shines plankton, but caught in the darkness far from home, under the starry sky, we happened to be watching a real miracle.

From the nose our kayaks ran up glowing scallops waves every splash of paddles enlivened a heap of Stardust, sometimes luminous points were for oar … In addition to the small star material, flashing from the movement in the water, on the bottom (and almost everywhere a coral reef close to the surface) slowly lit and slowly were extinguished a huge bluish-greenish lights. As if the stars themselves fall into the sea and potuhli and live their lives, moving slowly, thousands of years.

Turning off the lights, we lay down their oars and left somewhere in the middle between two abysses. At this point the world narrowed down to visible space around us seemed to have everything in it close, and if we want, we can touch our sleeping on the other side of the planet family. He has grown to the size of the universe. Because the bottom nor top, no bottom in sight. Only bluish slow lights, dust, the milky way.

Fisherman we have found. But returned home happy and ošarašennye. And since then began to leave in the moonless on our pirsik to be with this secret alone. Fotik my lack in this miracle, too it is a secret, so I had to draw a picture to remember.


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