Budget circumnavigation: expenses and revenues

Virtually everyone who we tell that left home a year and a half ago, asked what money we make a trip around the world and how we succeed. In this article, we specially written for Life magazine online-trip we'll show you how you can live, work, spend money, saving the budget round trip, what is its value.

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If you are calling a heart-do not be afraid and do not resist.

This article is intended for those who are interested in the practical part of the round-the-world trip. For those who need to assess your own desires and its ratio with the possibilities. About life and money in ways we will tell you by my own example and the example of our continuing (currently temperature) trip around the world and our budget.

Of course, you should start with what budget travel — a thing which becomes more famous and more popular here in Russia every year. Many travelers do unthinkable by duration in time and space not only routes with a small budget (Valery Shanin and his trip around the world for $ 280 through 14 countries), but also practically without him (Vladimir Nesin and his travelling barefoot: according to the traveler the only solid amount of pension is 7000 per month). It is worth mentioning in Anton Krotov, the creator of "the Academy of free travel, author and co-author of many mineral-Carnets issued guidebooks on how to travel with minimal cost.

In General, the world is full of great romantics, travellers-practitioners who share their experiences. And if the question "go or no go" rests only in money, we recommend you to look for information on the above and other travelers free online experience inspires them to action.

Circumnavigation: Sequoia National Park, United States

Sequoia National Park, United States

Money at the time of launch (we had)

And now, about our approach. The world tour was not well prepared. From idea to realisation we've got about two months. All figures are below per double room.

  • money on obtaining American visas (the only one made before departure) 11880 rub,
  • money for the first tickets: Moscow-Irkutsk train 11600 r. Harbin, Irkutsk-222 aircraft,
  • freelance operation, upon which we were able to schedule a monthly budget of 30000 USD (for two persons)
  • a small stock of different deposits, which we planned to spend (and spent), at the end of their term in the output beyond the planned budget and in case of unforeseen expenses.

Budget planning and tracking expenses well so that you create a kind of zero-point, the bar against which you can evaluate their own strength and the possibility of staying in one country or another to round trip lasted as much as you want. Of course, in different countries and the possibility of these are different, but limited amount per month helps to be more vigilant.

For example, statistics that we at the expense of this vigilance has managed to compile:

Costs, which include almost all the movement, accommodation, food. Calculation per month for two (fees are per), time steps: end of 2013 — the beginning of 2015.

  • China-24-26 thousand rubles (including tourist visa for 1 month — 1200 roubles);
  • Laos and Viet Nam — 20 thousand rubles (both in the first and second country for Russians do not need a visa when the duration of stay should not exceed two weeks);
  • Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia — 15-20 thousand rubles (Cambodian visa 25 $ US);
  • Indonesia-26-28 thousand rubles ($ 25 US-visa with the period of stay up to 1 month to stay longer updated Bali tourist visa)
  • Australia-$ 400 AU at the rate of $ 1 AU = 33 (Australian tourist visa with the period of stay of up to 3 months $ 145);
  • United States-30-35 thousand rubles, the course at that time was 35 rubles to the dollar, including the cost of gasoline and the car, the visa was paid back in Moscow, and term given at the border is six months.
  • Mexico (Guadalajara)-30 thousand rubles (visa-free regime with a term up to six months — at the entrance or at the check-out must pay customs dues $ 28 US).
  • Mexico (Cancun) is 30 thousand rubles at the beginning, and it was here we saw the dollar rise in the monthly costs in terms of roubles strongly increased to 40 thousand.
Our lunch in the jungles of Viet Nam

Our lunch in the jungles of Viet Nam

And now tell you about, perhaps, burning question: our ways of earning. As practice shows, is not many believe in the opportunity to earn along the way. Often, this disbelief is the cause of "Requiem for a dream." We wonder when we pass by young homeless spivaûŝihsâ: hands on the site, head on the spot! Why he did not find work to live normally? "the most important thing is to remember that if no physical limitations, it is unlikely that you are right, wherever you are. And even with the limitations on health, brave spirit find their vocation or seek it. The most difficult obstacles are in the mind, and means "remove" them only in our power.

We have long been addicted to "freelance". He has two significant plus-mobility and the ability to search cases in the spirit; and one negative — number of money earned depends on the spent work time. List below all use-of bits going to something more.

Palm trees near the sea, where w = freelancers without them)

Palm trees near the sea, where w = freelancers without them)

Our ways to make the round trip

UPD 2016g: read new and expanded article on this topic


From the beginning, we had several partners who have written custom article. Payment ranged from 600 rubles to $ 25 per article with photos or $ 10 for the copyright of articles on our website.

Programming, administration, SEO

The source of the work are regular customers or clients coming on the recommendations. Work week brings an average of $ 200 per month can be up to 1000 $ US. Time to time, the amount of money depends on the "success" of the project, as well as of the time.

Exchange links. Advertising on websites

Passive income, almost does not require time — now about 20-40 $ US per month.


Private photo session. Brings good profits, but because of our trudnoulovimosti is not often. Photo shoot with different terms from US $ 100 per hour (here it is necessary to take into account that for photographing himself followed by hours and days of a post-processing step).

Illustration, design

Customers come on the recommendations. The cost depends on the project. Significant negative — to work must be appropriate space: tables, the ability to "degrade" with a graphics tablet is hardly feasible at constant moving, but maybe in moments of relaxation from the road.


One of the most interesting kinds of earnings is carried out on the spot. This opened the possibility for us only in Mexico, but will be trying to continue. Working day Guide (depending on your needs) of 50-150 $ US.

Paid video

Recently, our beloved partner offered to do video specially for a specific project. This three-one four-minute motivational videos collected from our material.

UPD November 2015: with video for a partner.

We have also started to show ads on their skates, and where possible allow copyrights. Learn more about this method of earning on the link: http://goo.gl/VkMZBV

Drains sounds

A year and a half for sale sounds on runoff brought 45 $ US. Have an account on audiojungle.net.

Affiliate programs

The main earnings travel blogs. We only started to move in this direction in March 2016 onwards. Established affiliate programm from Airbnb. Even placed banners and links are affiliate programs found at travelpayouts: car rent, sale of tours, insurance. Let's see what the result will be a couple of months.

Sale of printed photos on Kapa

Unsuccessful attempt. We did the photo shop on our site. All in the mind: the catalog, with beautiful pictures, with a basket. There were several orders, unfortunately, brings shipping. We were unable to find a good singer-Russia pictures printed on Kapa, brought izlomannye and broken. I had to abandon the idea.

Selling handmade jewelry

At the end of year 2015 Nastya started creating jewelry from metal, natural stones and macrame. Some of the work she puts in my instagram. We tried to sell them in Colombia (Medellín, Cartagena) and Ecuador (Baños). Sales there, but a little. Tried to sell on Etsy, but need additional cash investments in advertising and promotion the store just didn't raskrutiš′sâ until it was postponed.

Project Soundaround.me

Our project is a non-profit, but around him have any suggestions for our readers who may be helpful to them, and at the same time support our ideas. In practice — it is more a moral support, but it is no less important. For example, custom cards brought a total of about 3 thousand rubles for two and a half years.

Donations-support coming from our friends and loved ones, for two and a half years, about 30 thousand rubles.

Descending from the volcano in Toluca, Mexico

Descending from the volcano in Toluca, Mexico

Where did the money go when traveling?

Of course, in our case, the most convenient averaging mode. Constant movement is not conducive to exceed income, expense and, therefore, we try to avoid excesses. Of course, sometimes you don't deny yourself in certain pleasures, but it now goes about them. The next step I want to highlight the main expenditure items in our round trip.

On the basis of the pledged monthly budget, we are guided by the spirit, balanced in terms of spending. For example, if hitchhiking released the tools provided on the movement, we could spend it on food, if you slept in a tent — could go part of the way of public transportation and so on.


Evening market of cheap food in Luanprabange, Laos

Evening market of cheap food in Luanprabange, Laos

The most constant primary spending. More than half of our budget, as correct and timely nutrition is the key to a good mood and health.

There are countries totally cheap and plentiful in this regard. There are terribly expensive. The smallest recorded amount per person (one meal) is a city of Laos, Luang Prabang is calculated with Kip at the rate the year 2013-20 rubles. The most expensive food was discovered by us in Australia. For example, a gallon (frozen, because on average a week overdue) milk in the Bush (the Australian desert) — from $ 5 AU. About the cost of cafes and eateries even and he does not want.


Our Civic year 1993, United States

Our Honda Civic 1993 year, United States

At the international level, we tried to use all modes of transport, choosing the most optimal costs. On our way until only six flights, the cheapest ones are $ 40 US for two from Malaysia to Indonesia, and most expensive of Melbourne (Australia) in Honolulu (Hawaii, United States) is $ 800 (for two).

In those countries where long-distance transportation (for long distance) expensive-they do not enjoy. These are: Australia, America and Mexico. In Asia, from China to Indonesia is used and trains and buses and even planes. Interestingly, the bus on Java from Jakarta to Bali, turned out to be the same value as the flight, while direct transfer on earth takes several days (if without stops)-test is not for the weak!

And in the United States was more profitable to buy old economical car and then sell it for the same price. The cost of the her were: gasoline, oil change and tire.


In a tent in Hawaii, United States

In a tent in Hawaii, United States

Hostels in Asia only actively used. Starting with Australia on our way down to Mexico, it's very expensive pleasure, there are alternative methods! The lowest experienced us hostels are located in Cambodia-US $ 2 per person (we are "shikovali" and for five dollars took triple dorm); the most expensive lived hostel is at the moment the latter is tasted in Honolulu, $ 28 per person in room with six. Mexico also found budget options in the region of $ US 3.3 per person — they are called Cabañas and views are awesome.

We also remove housing through AirBnb. Sign up on the link and get a $ 20 discount on accommodation in any part of the world through this wonderful system. It connects without intermediaries those who seek shelter and those it leases. It is particularly convenient because you can find cheap and comfortable options virtually anywhere in the world and pay through Yandex money.

Medical insurance

In hospital in Bali, Indonesia

In hospital in Bali, Indonesia

It was the most difficult stage of preparation. In the United States and Australia, for example, medical insurance is included in the required list of documents when entering the country, while the minimum coverage specified. Fortunately, when you select the insurance we are not mistaken. Registered almost on their way to the airport in Irkutsk, the two (on different parts of the world) for a year and a half left 20 thousand rubles. In the so-called developed countries not had to take, and here in Indonesia and Mexico we Luckily we still got it.


Ancient Mayan ruins of Kohunlich, Mexico

Ancient Mayan ruins of Kohunlich, Mexico

Our technology in ways to wear out. In rain and cold in the mountains, in sand storms in the canyons gets most of our cameras. Wires and computers suffer when utrambovke backpacks. Noutam do not like the humid tropical climate. Something lost, something comes in. A year and a half we have replaced camera GoPro, we have added an old second-hand Note, periodically broken memory cards were replaced by keyboards both have laptops.

Things and clothes

Dry underwear somewhere in the protected forests of the United States

Dry underwear somewhere in the protected forests of the United States

Nothing in this world forever. And things are constantly reminded about it for travelers. Shoes and clothes wear out and require replacement. In some places, something unexpected appears is in Hawaii we have a mask for snorkeling.


Grand Canyon, United States

Grand Canyon, United States

Call them! In these we are spending the money that go to pay for tickets: inputs into national parks, museums, visits to various natural and cultural sites, as well as leases and motobajkov vehicles.

Don't want to spend all sorts of money or gratuities for street musicians. Just want to mention them. For example, in Mexican supermarkets students and seniors are allowed to purchase packaging at the box office for coins is their a way to survive. And musicians … Worldwide — they offer us something, they make feel this same tramps with interesting lives. We are grateful!

Ancient Mayan ruins Becan, Mexico

Ancient Mayan ruins Becan, Mexico

As you can see from the previous section is a lot of expenditure. They can be even more, everything depends on our own queries. The question arises, how to save? On what? We have already been mentioned, this budget calculation is higher. Tell you about more tangible and tangible.

Saving methods


Volunteering in Australia on a farm

Volunteering in Australia on a farm

Daily rest when we were volunteers in the United States

There are different types of this activity. In our practice, brought great benefit to the work, which provide accommodation and food. Registration for a volunteer site has helped us in the journey to Australia. It gave us a lot of opportunities from the vast experience in the areas of interest (green building, alternative energy sources, etc.) to the banal hikes in inaccessible on our money places — coffee shops and restaurants, for example. And, of course, is a unique opportunity to see life from the inside, get to know the people behind the affair — shoulder to shoulder, to live with them little life, celebrate their feasts, and make friends with them.

Here are some websites where you can find volunteer projects: helpx.net, workaway.info, volunteersbase.com, hippohelp.com, www.bewelcome.org

CS gear

Our couchsurfer Australian Efz, his friend Rob

Our couchsurfer Australian Efz, his friend Rob

And his dog to the nickname Ali

And his dog named Ali

One of the most ingenious inventions of our time! CS gear blurs the boundaries, works with a totally unexpected people, helps to relax. Perfectly good phenomenon, greatly facilitating the lives of travelers. Similar websites: trustroots.org and bewelcome.org.


Joshua Tree, United States

Joshua Tree, United States

The fact that you can reach them point a to point b is absolutely free-beautiful. Well and still all sorts of bonuses in the form of dating and complete immersion in the life of the country in which art. It works helps.


Our alcohol burner

Prepare yourself to practice goes more efficiently. Products are always cheaper when they are cooked. Sometimes, you do not have to fret — in Asia, it's hard to stay hungry, even with a minimal budget. Ibid., where street food is not, and cafes and restaurants frankly road-burner saves.


Wild hot springs in the mountains, United States

Without a tent we wouldn't have found ourselves on wild hot springs in the mountains of the United States

When you know that your House with you is becoming less dependent on circumstances. Not afraid to stay in the mountains and jungles on the night. And even if you do not want to sleep in a tent, one of her presence adds confidence during bidding for a room.

Second-hand shops, recycle and local production

Where there are good second-hand shops — use them. In other places try on what are local — in Latin America and in Asia, too, is a pleasure.

Workarounds for attractions

Uxmal archaeological zone, United States

Archeological zone of Uxmal, Mexico

No, we are pleased to support the country's economy or the State of the private owner. When we can afford and does not put before a choice like "eat or look at …". In other cases, tried to take all the available maximum, no matter that blocks the path of the fence, the jungle or mountains — sometimes you have hard time physically, but it's worth it. This is our path — we did not encourage breaking the law:)

Healthy lifestyle

We are not strong opponents of anything, no. The fact remains — alcohol and cigarettes is almost always expensive, but they are not necessary (sometimes generally increases all sorts of risks). Still more efficient to be vegetarian, but this Level of us mastered only partially and sometimes:) This could include the rejection of any "snacks" type chips is absolutely advantageous in every respect.

In summary

In Yellowstone National Park, United States

In Yellowstone National Park, United States

Our life in a long-term journey materially very similar to usual life in one place. All the same thoughts: where and how do I earn to travel and live, like the heart. Trip around the world-it is the same life.

Now we are preparing for the next part of our journey: journey across South America on a motorcycle. Half-year stop in Mexico was able to learn a lot, finish old projects, invent and implement new ones. Managed to make a little while though the required amount for the purchase of a motorcycle, but at least something. It is possible that among the readers find after a while people, knowledgeable companies seeking advertising. So perhaps we will find friends-partners willing to provide part of the equipment (helmets, protection, etc.) at the South American way in Exchange for advertising the product or brand.

We love dream:) And no less than that we love to realize their dreams. Just so you can live! We believe that long-term travel is one of the keys to discovering life, interesting and eventful.

Let your trip lasts just as long as you want and run only surmountable obstacles!

a trip around the world, the National Park "the Redwoods", United States

Sequoia National Park, United States

We will be glad if their example will inspire!

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