Sian ka'an (Sian Ka'an) and thought about litter

I wanted to tell you about camping in Sian ka'an (Sian Ka'an). This is a huge unique reserve. For the most part of its territory is covered by jungle and mangroves.

Here goes lots of fresh water, which forms a lagoon and cenotes in close proximity to the Caribbean Sea. In the lagoons are still such unique animals, such as manatees and in Selva-Jaguars. In addition, there is, of course, live crocodiles (Spanish sounds funny kokodril′jos), snakes, Jaguars, giant blue crabs, spider monkeys, coati, iguanas and other. Ocean water too-protected area, here you can see turtles, stingrays, sharks … in General, you can enumerate a long …


Fortunately, most of the territory are impassable. In the mangroves still feeds the hacked thousands of years ago, Maya, they lead trips. The water in the canals and lagoons, transparent like glass. But, unfortunately, goes along the sea road. And so the coast every year settles everything tighter. But not even that sad. The saddest of all was to discover absolutely identical for the entire world. Wild uninhabited Beach in debris. Heaps, heaps of plastic … mainly, bottles, but many any kind of debris and junk all there Chinese spank, fishing gear and just domestic stuff.


You ask what it is I you here then? Unfortunately, the pollution of the oceans are involved we all together (Oh, Yes, and our forests suffer too). If you like to buy clean drinking water in bottles, just think about how this enterprise is justified. Plastic for potable water use disposable (note the number treugol′ničke on the bottom). The plastic degrades not only in secondary use, but when heated bottles up to 50 degrees.


And what do we know about water transportation? What is the temperature on a sunny summer day in the back of the truck, an fridge? About 60 degrees Celsius. Buying disposable water bottle you first injure your health. In addition, there is another problem-recycling of plastic waste. If we throw away the bottle in a bucket, it doesn't mean that we coped with the task and ensure cleanliness of the world in which we live. At best, it gets on the landfill and will be there to rot for hundreds of years. At worst, it will take the wind. In the forest or river, field, Lake. The River make garbage continents in the world's oceans. The world's oceans is vital at this point several large trash Islands. This island, on which you can walk. Every day from them otŝiplâûtsâ parts and spread across all the continents and Islands. Trash is now everywhere, even where there was never a person. Our trash.


Make a step towards clean very easily (and, incidentally, help your health). Get a REUSABLE water bottle. They are beautiful, very comfortable and practical. Capacity for drinking water, you can buy now in any generic or sports shop. Collect water from filter at home is very convenient, economical, and you will always be sure in its quality and freshness.

Of course, avoid the use of plastic is very easy, but be aware: most types of plastic that we use every day, suitable for recycling. There are reception points. They can be easy to find. Maybe only in some villages far from towns now difficult to sort garbage. Plastic trash or bottle can be compressed, making it compact and stash, then pass in reception centres. If there is demand, there will be more locations. Start the recycling process and competent attitude towards garbage in our country we can with you. I believe in it.


Dear friends, I am writing to you, that's all I can do now other than the possession of a reusable bottle and sorting trash, wherever possible. We go around the world and the trash is a problem that afflicts everywhere. I pity that our country is still tight in this matter. as in any third world country, where there is no really education. Friends, we can change this. I wish that we had no worse than in Australia, for example. in terms of awareness, cleanliness and kindness to the world which surrounds us and to themselves. Tell your friends about it, distribute, how can this information. This peaceful step towards improving our life!:) Thank you, friends, for we have:) And don't get upset at me for this cart:) It's just my pain. Such places. come to an end. just end on our planet. And we are at home in our country with beautiful unique nature too.

and I write with the thought of how cool we potusili under the sky:). .. but it is better to tell the album.

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