Sounds of USA. Part 1

In headphones more enjoyable because it is a 3D-sounds.

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Dive into the sounds of USA should start from this: Country motorcycles and mototravelers. Here was born the first Harley-Davidson, wherever there is a road, you can hear the song of wandering …
Here was born the blues. We in Memphis on the Mississippi River, the legendary Beale Street every evening all year round ready to accept the embrace of the blues.

From late April to mid-June is season storms and tornadoes. And it is better at this time to be away from direct road through the Great Plains… Central States secretly called “corridor tornado.” But we were … in the light of lightning and storm shroud can only listen to the sound of rain and fierce hail and pray :) But breaking through the Wild West quickly forget about the disaster the east and center of the sound of drums by the fire in the company of young hippie followers.

We are on the “meeting friends” among pacifists – Quakers, which we are absolutely nothing did not know before, and without them is impossible to imagine America.

Just now we were on the west, and now need go back to the east. This is one more pacifists, Amish – more isolated and conservative so as to deny any achievements technology, so move only on carts pulled by horses. But the machines share the road quite peacefully. This is the sound of the American heartland of Pennsylvania.

Wherever you are in the United States, you will hear the sound of sirens. All machines are absolutely no exceptions and always pressed against the side of the road and stop passing ambulance, fire engine or police.

Once again we find ourselves on the streets of Tennessee, who as usual, filled with music.
Let’s pretend for a minute and invisible lost in the crowd, listen to the voice of Americans in New York.

Now fast forward to the Yellowstone, the voice of one of the largest geysers. Tons of boiling water flying to the air for fifteen minutes. This each time expecting visitors to the park, which reported an approximate schedule activity geysers.

From the snow-covered Yellowstone under the rainbow Honolulu. Hawaii … sounds ukulele and a love song.

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