Sounds of Moscow. Sonic journey to the capital of Russia

In this post you will hear the sounds of Moscow. For deeper dives suggested to use headphones, so you can hear what’s happening around us in the recording of this audio tour around Moscow.

Arriving in the capital of our country by train, you will first encounter with the atmosphere station. In the first fragment you will hear the sound of Kursk Railway Station on the platform.
Then we go down the street. Periodically passing cars with flashing lights: the officials, the police, ambulance, fire and police officials and again.
We sit in the trolley, Tapping on and off the power to the motors.
We go on the subway, go down the escalator and listen to the beautiful melody on a holiday.
Train pulls up, let’s go inside and go further into the creaking carriage.
Pedestrian streets often musicians. Often, it is professionals: trumpeters, violinists, accordionists and most of all – the guitarists. Everyone – a charismatic appearance.
Suddenly the sound of bells ringing. Inadvertently stop, to calm running at a furious pace thoughts. And … move on.
Here’s Sokolniki Park. A warm summer Saturday afternoon. People walk, ride bikes, scooters and quad bikes.
We follow her heels, which suddenly turned into Candlemas Monastery.
That’s ringing a traffic light. Our – green. It’s time to move on.
Let’s go to the suburbs by train! And here is the typical character of all the trains – the seller of the thousands of little things.
The evening comes, and suddenly falls on Moscow thunderstorm with heavy rainfall. But we were fine. We sit on the second floor level on the window sill and looking through the open window on the roadway. Run over people under umbrellas, passing cars and buses, as the ships plowing the city the …

In the slideshow are present not only our pictures, since part of the picture is lost in 2 months on one of the flash drives. In the end, had to look on the internet themed pictures. We are use photos of the authors: Sergei Zolotavin, Alexander Kamensky, Anna Ivantsova, Ovechkin Ivan.

This is a binaural recording. The best feeling you get in the headphones.

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