Morocco travel – soundtrip

We accidentally visited the country that all people of the world know as the supplier of mandarins in the celebration of the New Year. Morocco travel in one week was a gift to us at our wedding June 15, 2013. And it was a big pleasant surprise, like so much else that day!

And let the world tour will start from Russia, the first Soundtrips our blog will be the record. The idea of ??world travel was conceived just before a trip to Morocco!

For me (writes Nikita), the Arab World and Africa – a new world. Until then, I’ve been only in Asian countries and I can say with confidence that the differences between the worlds great: people, nature, mood and atmosphere are very different from what I’ve seen before.

We offer you to plunge into this unusual world. Listen to our first Soundtrip about Morocco:

This is a binaural recording. The best feeling you get in the headphones.

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